Pre-Operative Instructions

  • DO NOT eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to your scheduled surgery.

(No water and no chewing gum, mints or candies.)

Please call us immediately if you have any symptoms of a head or chest cold.  Your surgery may have to be rescheduled.

  • Brush your teeth several times prior to surgery and rinse (do not swallow) with a customary mouth wash if prescribed. Your mouth and teeth should be clean to help avoid the possibility of postoperative infection.
  • Wear loose fit, short sleeved clothing. Since you may be unstable on your feet after surgery please wear comfortable shoes and no high heels. Remove all nail polish and artificial nails.
  • Contact lenses must be removed.  If you choose to wear contact lenses to the office, please bring a case and solution for storage while undergoing your procedure.
  • For the safety and confidentiality of our other patients video cameras are not allowed and only the patient (no family members) are allowed in the surgery room. 
  • Please keep your surgery day flexible as the time of surgery could possibly change, appointments may be bumped up or down accordingly.
  • Any patient having sedation or general anesthesia must specifically agree to the following for the first 24 hours:
  • MUST bring a responsible adult to drive you home.  This person must check in with you and remain in the reception area while you are undergoing your procedure.

AFTER SURGERY (for patients who have had sedation)

  • DO NOT to drive a vehicle or operate any machinery.
  • DO NOT to undertake any responsible business matters.
  • DO NOT to drink any alcohol.

You must have adult supervision at home for the remainder of the day of surgery.

Failure to comply with the above instructions could result in your surgery being cancelled or require surgery to be done under a local anesthetic instead.

If you are unable to keep your scheduled surgery appointment, please notify our office as soon as possible.